Dominion Hitters Baseball/Softball

SBA-Showcase Baseball Academy

Nansemond River Pony Baseball/Softball

Teams will have access to:

  • Hitting and pitching facility, conditioned space and parents waiting room with TV monitors
  • Fields for practice 5-15 minutes from the facility
  • Speed, Agility and Weight Training by Dustin Heard Sports Performance House
  • Rapsodo  hitting & pitching program 3.0

Instructors and coaches from collegiate and professional ranks

Owner Robbie Rutherford-757-756-3088

Baseball Teams

Director of Baseball Operations- Chris Butler 757-600-9946

  • Dominion Hitters 7u Taylor
  • Dominion Hitters 8u Rutherford/Breitenbucher
  • Dominion Hitters 9u Gertner 
  • Dominion Hitters 10u Jones 
  • Dominion Hitters 11u Begarek 
  • Dominion Hitters 11u Hardwick/Dulin 
  • Dominion Hitters 12u Ward/Sterns   
  • Dominion Hitters 13u Rutherford/ Hamilton
  • SBA - Showcase Baseball Academy Virginia 14u Rutherford/Butler
  • SBA- Showcase Baseball Academy Virginia Select 14u Rutherford/Butler
  • SBA- Showcase Baseball Academy Virginia 2026/15u Rutherford/Butler

Softball Teams

Director of Softball Operations- Janie StokesMcLean 757-510-7137

  • Dominion Hitters 10u McHorney
  • Dominion Hitters 12u Blue McLean
  • Dominion Hitters 12u Black Stokes Mclean 
  • Dominion Hitters 14u Ally/Wilton
  • Dominion Hitters 16u Reynolds

Nansemond River

Pony Baseball

Mustang 10u Rutherford/Butler

Fall 2023 Expanding All Ages 4u-14u Softball and Baseball

Dominion Sports Training

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